You can’t always stop intruders from entering your home, but if you have a safe, you have another line of defence from thieves. So, buying a safe for your home makes sense. 

But where do you begin? Will a small, cheap safe do the job? Well, it depends on what you need to secure and how much of it there is.

Keep reading to find out more.

Benefits of a Safe

Purchasing a home safe is no brainer if you want to protect your valuables and improve the overall security of your home. There are many benefits to owning a safe, but these are the main ones:

  • Protect yourself against theft – Jewellery and cash are the most common items homeowners will lock away in a safe. Not only are they valuable, but they are small and easy for thieves to transport. Paperwork, passports and hard drives are other items that thieves might have their eyes on.
  • Fire and flood protection – Thieves aren’t your only concern when it comes to valuables. Important documents and other valuable items are susceptible to both flood and fire. Look for a safe from a recognised brand that is specifically designed to resist fire. These safes are usually also resistant to water ingress. It’s a good idea to consider storing backups of sensitive data and other important documents in your fire-resistant safe.
  • Firearm safety – By law, all firearms must be stored in accordance with firearms legislation. The specifics vary slightly between states and territories, so always check the rules that apply to where in Australia you live. These are the rules that apply to the safe storage of firearms in the ACT.

Types of Safe 

Just some of the safes available to purchase in Australia include:

  • Anti-theft safes
  • Fire-resistant safes
  • Waterproof safes
  • Hotel safes
  • Gun safes
  • Key safes
  • Wall-mounted safes
  • Jewellery safes 

You will need to estimate the volume of items you need to secure before making a purchase decision. Don’t forget to leave some extra room for items you might need to secure in the future!

How Much Do Safes Cost?

Entry-level safes start at around the $40 mark and go up from there to around $1500. Most of these will be suitable for homeowners looking to improve their security. For a commercial safe or high-end safe you can pay anything from $2000 up to $15,000.

Need advice on purchasing a safe? Have problems with your safe? Superior Locks can diagnose your safe problems and provide advice on purchasing a new or replacement safe. Get in touch to find out more.