How much does a locksmith cost?

It depends on the job? The best thing you can do to get an accurate estimate of costs is to ask your local electrician for a quote! The cost of each job will vary depending on the type of lock or make of the vehicle. After hours emergencies will almost always incur an extra charge.

Can a locksmith open a safe?

Yes, we can open safes! We have the right equipment and experience to unlock almost all safes. Never try and break open a safe yourself or you could end up with a much bigger problem!

Can I have one key that works with all the locks in my house? 

Yes, we can rekey all the locks in your house so that they operate on the same key. This includes window locks.

Do I have to replace all my locks if I’ve lost my house key?

No, we can make a replacement key. However, depending on the circumstances, we might recommend rekeying your locks so the lost key can’t be used. 

Can you make me a replacement car key?

Yes, we can make copies of your car key. We can also help you regain access to your car if you lock yourself out of it. 

My key broke off inside the lock. What should I do?

Call your local locksmith! We will remove the broken part from inside the lock and make you a new one. 

Are commercial locks different to residential locks?

Commercial locks are usually bigger and heavier and will not fit on a standard residential door. 

Can you tell if a key has been copied?

There isn’t any way to tell if a standard key has been copied. Any locksmith or hardware store can copy a standard key. Restricted keys offer more security as they can only be copied by the locksmith who originally issued them. 

Can you install a digital lock on my front door?

Yes, we can install all different types and brands of digital locks.

Should I change the locks when I move into a new property?

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to have your locks rekeyed when you move into a new property. Replacing the whole lock isn’t necessary.

Can you help if I’m locked out in the middle of the night? 

Yes, we have an emergency after-hours service. We can help you gain access to your home, business or car at any time of the day or night.