Rekeying Your House

It’s not something a homeowner would normally think about, but there are a number of benefits to rekeying your house locks. Do you know exactly how many people have a key to your house? Chances are you don’t. Even if you think you do, there is a possibility that past tenants or past owners still have a key. If you think about all the different people you might have given a key to – friends, family, cleaners etc — there’s a high chance a key to your house might be floating around. It’s unlikely that this will result in a crime, but it definitely increases the chances.

So how can rekeying help? Superior Locksmiths can quickly and easily rekey all your locks so older keys no longer work. You save money and reduce the chances of having to deal with a situation where an authorised person accesses you home. We can even re-key them to a single key system to make your life simpler.

Rekeying Rental Properties

Depending on whether you are the landlord, the agent or the tenant, there will be different rules regarding replacing or rekeying locks.  For example, if you are the landlord of a unit or apartment, you may need to check with the Body Corporate if there are any regulations in place regarding the type of locks required. Tenants will always need to seek permission before re-keying locks but it should be remembered that landlords have a duty to ensure all external doors and windows are properly secured. As you can imagine Real Estate Agents are in frequent need of locksmiths and unsurprisingly they make up a large portion of our clients in Canberra! Our team can get to any premises in Canberra quickly and re-key locks, as well as provide a range of other locksmith services.

Rekeying Commercial Properties

Businesses and commercial properties are at a high risk when it comes to unauthorised access. With so many people coming and going, it can be hard to keep track of who is in what area and who might be accessing areas they shouldn’t be. That’s where Superior Locksmiths can help. We have helped many Canberra businesses solve their security problems and also implemented strategies to ensure security is not compromised again. Rekeying to a single key system and installing keyless door locks are just two of the ways we can help ensure your premises are secured.

Need advice on rekeying? Call Superior Locksmiths in Canberra.